Hello and Welcome to my FREE RECIPES Website. I have compiled a diversified list of recipes as I know people have a diversified taste for food. I have a varied list of different types of food such as Indian Recipes, Mexican Recipes and Italian Recipes.

I hope there is a recipe here for your taste. Come inside and check out these free recipes. I have also put together a list of Chicken Recipes, Beef Recipes, and Seafood Recipes.

Please come inside and browse thru these free recipe pages. I know how frustrating the ritual of dinner making can be and I hope there is something here to change the menu in hopes of stopping the hard choice of deciding what to cook day after day. You will also find a delicious section of free Dessert Recipes and also a list of free Drink Recipes so that the dinner will be complete from start to finsh.

Maybe inside you will find your families next favorite recipes. I also have a section of Appetizer Recipe pages for giving your table a new and delicious taste.

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Tinakhan.com has thousands of recipes and a user-friendly searchbox to help you find the recipes you would like to add to your database. Though this website offers very few pictures, with each recipe you will find the preparation time, including baking or cooking time, the total number of ingredients required and a recipe rating by other cooks. Overall, this is an excellent source for recipes.

Tinakhan.com, a search box to help you find recipes by keyword, all of the recipes are neatly categorized. Click on a category and it will lead you to another category and so on until you narrow your search to find the recipe your want. This system works well and introduces you to other recipe ideas. Though many of the recipes don't include pictures, this is definitely a site to add to your list of resources. There you'll find tons of recipes to add to your cookbook.

Tinakhan.com has an entire section dedicated to nutritious recipes. These can be a great addition to your healthy or diet cookbook. Each recipe in this section has a nutrition analysis for each serving, which could be incorporated this into your cookbook and recipe software as notes. The site allows you to search recipes by ingredient (beef, chicken, pork and so on) or by category (main dish, side dish, beverage and so on.)

This visually appealing website has thousands of recipes to browse. You can use the searchbox to find a recipe by keyword or just browse through the many categories. Although there are not a lot of pictures, this website will let you email recipes to yourself so that you can easily add them to your cookbook and recipe program.

This website has a search box and even an advanced search box so you can focus your search by course, seasoning, cooking method and more. Cooking.com has a good description of each recipe and lots of pictures. The site is well organized and you'll find tons of good recipes to add to your collection.

On Tinakhan.com you can access free recipes by using the search box or browse the thousands of recipes by category. This is an exceptional place to find recipes for special dietary needs such as gluten intolerance. You'll also find other handy resources such as member ratings and top recipes.

We offer a wide variety of recipes with main ingredients such as beef, chicken, and seafood. We also offer a wide variety of flavors with our Mexican, Indian, and Italian recipe sections. Other recipe sections you will find on our website are cocktails and dessert recipes.  We are adding new tasty and easy to make recipes daily.  We have a large variety to choose from. 

Come inside and browse thru our mouth-watering pages and enjoy the taste of something new.




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